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VAL 6 RKF 506A NEWLY UPGRADED!!! (Made in Japan)


The RKF Series has adopted the natural cooling phenomenon from a waterfall and applied it to its cooler which creates a comfortable working environment.

 Cooling air by vaporizing water, this vaporization cooling system emits no heat exhaust, is earth friendly and health-oriented.




ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY: Power consumption of RKF is very little (360w) because it creates cool air by natural principles. Therefore, RKF series can save operating costs drastically compared with a typical air conditioner.


NO EXHAUST HEAT: RKF series produces comfortable and natural cool air and its huge airflow carries a long way. RKF never emits exhaust heat unlike air conditioners, because RKF is not equipped with a compressor.


EARTH-FRIENDLY PRODUCT: Because it consumes less power, RKF is an energy-saving product. Contributes to the reduction of CO2. In addition, RKF does not have a refrigerant gas.


VARIABLE WIND DIRECTION: Auto-swing mechanism enables wind to blow in the range of 80 degrees to the right or left. In addition, the user can direct the wind 30 degrees vertically by lever.


EASY TRANSPORT: The RKF is equipped with casters for easy moving.


ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS: RKF features an easy touch button selector for high, medium or low air volumes.