Eibenstock Core Drill Rig 350mm

Eibenstock Core Rig Kit DBE352 110V (EMB352/3 & BST352)


For core drillings in the whole construction industry up to 352 mm

Machine connection - Quick-mounting system

Scale - easy adjustment of drilling depth

Toothing - wide and constant, precise, long-lived

Aluminium column with braces - high torsional strength, light, 45° swivel
Adjusting screws - robust, exact adjustment

Hole centre indicator - exact positioning

Guides/bearings - mounted carriage on 4 special balls

Spirit level - easy to level




Feed lever - change without any tool, easy selection of the operating side

Additional handle - easy transport

Rollers - quick to mount, easy and light transport


€ 1,950.00

Plus Vat: € 448.50