Actiwash Pro Surface Cleaner

Actiwash Domestic is an efficacious and nearly pH neutral biocide suitable for the removal and control of unsightly organic (red, green and dark) staining found on many exterior surfaces. The powerful anti-microbial properties exhibited by the Actiwash formula slow down recontamination, thus providing lasting results. Actiwash is bleach-free and safe for use on virtually any natural or synthetic building surface. For professional users, we recommend Actiwash Pro. 

Actiwash affects the proteins and cell membrane of microorganisms, consequently causing the release of nitrogen and phosphorus from cells. Where an apply and leave application is used, the processes of natural weathering work to eliminate the dead biofilm.

Features & Benefits:
• 5 litres make up to 75 litres
• Cleans and preserves exterior surfaces
• Non-bleaching
• Biodegradable
• Hard water resistant
• Provides long-lasting results
• Easy to applyHow does Actiwash work?

How long does the self-cleansing process (spray/brush & leave) take?
(1) Green algae stains should disappear within a week. (2) Red algae stains should disappear within 2-3 weeks. (3) well established dark staining can take several months to disappear. Gradual lightening of the surface contamination should be noticeable within the first few weeks and months following treatment. Note: Severe biofilms may require an additional application. However, this is not typically necessary. A brush agitation of the Actiwash solution is advisable on heavily contaminated areas.

Downloadable Product Guides
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