Garden Tool Hire Centre at Domac

Whether you are just starting your exterior transformation or searching for tools to keep the outdoors in perfect condition, you should have appropriate labour-saving tools. Dealing with unwanted vegetation and taking proper care of your garden will become a pleasure with well-chosen equipment. Take advantage of our garden tools hire services to beautify your landscape.

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Garden Rollers

Garden Equipment Hire for Various Landscaping Projects

To transfer a design on a site and to maintain the landscape’s beauty, you can apply a variety of tools that will facilitate your work. Taking garden equipment for hire from Domac Hire and Sales, you’ll effortlessly complete such significant tasks as:

  • removing stones and surface debris during ground preparation;
  • ground drilling and planting shrubs or trees;
  • mowing, scarifying, removing sub-surface thatch;
  • grass trimming, cutting branches on hedges;
  • lopping and cutting branches;
  • pulverising branches into wood chips;
  • cleaning the garden with airflow;
  • spreading seed, topsoil or fertiliser.

Exceptional Performance of Garden Tool Hire


We are continuously updating our range of garden equipment to hire, so you’ll get contemporary tools that follow the latest technology trends. Our team realises that private and industrial projects differ a lot, so we find the best solutions for every challenge. We also emphasise quality garden tools hire ensuring customers’ satisfaction. We know that clients value the following features of the equipment pieces that we offer:


  • improved manoeuvrability;
  • adjustable push bar to regulate the height;
  • anti-vibration system for comfortable work;
  • easy-to-start engines;
  • blades of hard steel.


Our aim is keeping you safe and facilitating landscaping jobs as much as possible.

Friendly Service

Our experienced team works with individuals, large estates, farmers and contractors. If you need any clarification on the technical characteristics of garden tools hire, we’ll eagerly provide you with the necessary explanation. Our specialists will help you select a perfect device depending on the materials you work with, such as weeds, long grass, hedges, bushes, nettles, thistle rushes, small saplings, moss, etc. We’ll also consider your outdoors square to help you finish the work with powerful tools faster.